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Who We Are?

A Few Words About Us

1. as vendor wedding partner
we accept every wedding organizer, wedding consultant, all vendor wedding to make a deal with us as a partner in wedding vendor.
2. as an agent
you make your own company with your own logo, office, management, etc .. we will supply the samples for 100 until 300 pieces. every production will be in our home production, but you can use our samples as yours for your wedding website, promotion, gallery samples, etc. you can claim that all those samples are yours. we will help you to grow your business with many ways, we can help everything you need to make your new company grow. as long as you need and ask.
Days Together
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Happy Clients
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Our Gallery

We are Inspired by Your Happiness

you have to buy our samples with your company logo on all those samples.
we will give you more and more samples every time you make an order with us, as long as you trusting us to produce your product with us. we can communicate with many ways, mail,phone,whatssapp,etc if you need our suggest for design, price, layout, I mean everything you needed.. even by live call via whatssapp or skype.

  • Our Decorations
  • Romantic Photoshoots
  • Cakes and Aweet Bars
  • Proposal Planning
  • Spring Chateau
  • WeddingTrends for 2016
  • Pink and Tender
  • Ceremony Planning

What Our Clients Say About Us

NOTE: no money return if you close your business. but if you serious with your new business and need our suggest to help you such as: make a price list, system , management etc, we will help you.
the benefit : we give you 20% discount for all item or all sample prices we gave and still can negotiate about everything. ( we put all our price in every gallery pictures ). we can do customize wedding cards, and you can do the same like us. we will help you with thousand design we already have.
please contact us if something you still confuse or need direction 🙂
you can reach me by call, whatssapp,mail, etc

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Diane & Foster
Diane & Foster

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Sarah & Rinaldo
Sarah & Rinaldo

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Dorothy & John
Dorothy & John
Our Shop

Discover Elegant Solutions for Your Big Day

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